October 2013

Additive Manufacturing: Let’s Make New Body Parts

Additive Manufacturing continues to grow in areas that are simply amazing. The medical industry continues to find ways to amaze with 3-D printing technology. A company in the UK, Fripp Design and Research, partnered with the University of Sheffield and The Wellcome Trust,( 3-D Printing Noses) has pioneered the printing of cosmetic features, like noses and ears. The company uses the synthetic laser sintering process ( See my blog: Synthetic Laser Sintering) to print noses (and other soft tissue appendages), using scans from the patient to determine mounting points, and designing the appendage to the customer’s preferences.

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The State of New York’s Manufacturing Empire

More manufacturing is coming back to the United States – and that’s good news for the Empire State. The percentage of New Yorkers working in factories has declined over the years, but manufacturing jobs pay higher average wages than non-manufacturing work, especially upstate. Greater incomes aren’t the only benefits to New York communities, however. Manufacturing also encourages innovation, promotes workforce development, and uses natural resources wisely.

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