Additive Manufacturing: Let’s Make New Body Parts

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Blog Written by Hutch Hutchison, Director, Technology & Engineering Matching, FuzeHub
Additive Manufacturing continues to grow in areas that are simply amazing.  The medical industry continues to find ways to amaze with 3-D printing technology. A company in the UK, Fripp Design and Research, partnered with the University of Sheffield and The Wellcome Trust,( 3-D Printing Noses) has pioneered the printing of cosmetic features, like noses and ears. The company uses the synthetic laser sintering process  ( See my blog: Synthetic Laser Sintering) to print noses (and other soft tissue appendages), using scans from the patient to determine mounting points, and designing the appendage to the customer’s preferences.
The technique, while certainly lending itself to the prosthetics market that serves patients, whose noses or ears have been removed or damaged, could give way to a whole new world of 3-D Printed cosmetic surgery – printing of a “nose cover”, for example,  that changed the shape and look of your nose.  The cover could be removed, like contact lenses, for cleaning or storage, or even changed to suit your mood! “I think I’ll wear the long nose tonight, dear. Does it look OK?”  😉
Hang on – there’s going to be quite the future in Additive Manufacturing – we’ll be reporting on it here!


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