August 2014

Manufacturing Innovation Institutes: Is New York Next?

Manufacturing Innovation Institutes are public-private partnerships where businesses, universities, and the federal government collaborate to promote manufacturing breakthroughs. The government provides the initial funding, but corporate and educational partners must match or exceed this investment. Today, the United States has several “innovation hubs” – and that number is expected to grow.

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RIT hosts webinar on leadership skills in product development and manufacturing

Rochester Institute of Technology is hosting a webinar, “Engineering Leadership Programs at RIT,” from noon to 1 p.m. on Thursday, Sept. 18, for professionals looking to advance leadership skills within high-tech industries.
The webinar is an opportunity for participants to learn about part-time programs offered through RIT’s Kate Gleason College of Engineering in product development, manufacturing, systems engineering, supply chain management and project management.

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CEG Offers Manufacturing Leadership Challenges Workshop

Leadership skills can be taught. Most supervisors are promoted to their position because they are dedicated, reliable, and good at the technical skills. These are critical attributes, but one skill is often missing: being skilled in getting high performance from employees… which is the main job of a supervisor!

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Who’s Ready for 3D Printing?

In a recent white paper entitled 3D printing and the new shape of industrial manufacturing, PwC and the Manufacturing Institute share the results of a survey of 100 manufacturers and offer predictions about the economic impact of 3D printing (3DP). Most of the survey’s respondents report that they plan to use 3DP, or are embracing additive manufacturing already.
Nearly 67% of the manufacturers surveyed are evaluating, implementing, or experimenting with 3DP, typically for prototyping instead of production. Almost 25% of the respondents say they plan to use 3D printing sometime in the future. The remaining companies, which include small contract manufacturers and large multinationals, don’t plan to adopt additive manufacturing at all.

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