Manufacturing Innovation Institutes: Is New York Next?

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Written by: Steve Melito, Industry Blog Writer for FuzeHub

America Makes Received $30-million from NCDMM
image Creidt: National Center for Defense Manufacturing and Machining

Manufacturing Innovation Institutes are public-private partnerships where businesses, universities, and the federal government collaborate to promote manufacturing breakthroughs. The government provides the initial funding, but corporate and educational partners must match or exceed this investment. Today, the United States has several “innovation hubs” – and that number is expected to grow.
In Youngstown, Ohio, the National Additive Manufacturing Institute (NAMII) known as America Makes opened its doors in 2012. Launched with a $30-million investment from the federal National Center for Defense Manufacturing and Machining (NCDMM), NAMII has received an additional $40 million from industry and educational partners.
Since then, three more Manufacturing Innovation Institutes have been announced. Each is located in a different part of the country, and each is focused on a specific aspect of manufacturing. In Raleigh, North Carolina, the Next Generation Power Electronics National Manufacturing Institute was launched in January 2014. Manufacturing Innovation Institutes for Detroit and Chicago are also planned.
New York State is home to world-class industries and universities. From the Tech Valley to the Buffalo region and beyond, the Empire State is a global leader in fields such as nanotechnology, medical device manufacturing, and IT innovation. In your opinion, is New York ready for federally-funded innovation hubs? If so, will partners in industry and academia match investments from agencies such as NCDMM?
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