May 2016

Workers in a sanitized processing facility testing liquid in storage tanks

Get Ready for the Food Safety Modernization Act

Does your business process, pack, hold, or manufacture food? Are you subject to Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations under the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), landmark legislation that redefines the federal government’s approach to food safety? FSMA became law in January 2011, but some regulations weren’t finalized until November 2015. Beginning in September 2016, FDA enforcement begins. Are you ready to meet these requirements? Are there some that may not apply to you?

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What the Internet of Things Means to Manufacturers

If the Internet of Things (IoT) is so wonderful, why aren’t more manufacturers embracing it? Many industrial companies claim to see the value in Internet-connected machinery and equipment. Yet there’s a significant disparity between IoT rates of adoption and the expectation that everything that can be Internet-enabled will (eventually) become Internet-enabled. IoT can improve operational efficiency, but you’ll have to get beyond all of the hype about “smart” toasters first. Here’s how – and here’s why IoT matters to manufacturing.

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What Manufacturing Managers Really Want

What percentage of U.S. manufacturing managers like their jobs? Are these jobs stable? Is the work challenging? If Industry Week’s 2016 Salary Survey is a fair indication, some of the most important numbers in American manufacturing aren’t preceded by dollar signs. For employees who wonder if they’re being paid enough, and for employers who worry about recruiting and retaining top talent, money matters. Yet there’s more to IW’s salary survey than base pay.

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FuzeHub Is Seeking an Industry Engagement Manager

FuzeHub is currently accepting applications to fill the role of an Industry Engagement Manager. The successful candidate for this position will support the Executive Director in overseeing and managing overall engagement with the manufacturing community, primarily through management of the Technology Engagement Fund. The Industry Engagement Manager will also be responsible for several business development and planning activities as it relates to engaging with the manufacturing community though the organization of events and other lead generation activities.

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