Manufacturing Round Up for Week of 05/06/16

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Ecovative Working with Designers to Decorate your Office with Mushrooms

“Ecovative Design, the Troy company that makes furniture and packaging products out of mushrooms, is stepping further into the interior design market. The company is partnering with interior designers to offer a new line of eco-friendly decorative wall tiles grown using mushroom material mycelium.”
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Alpina to Expand Batavia Yogurt Plant with $1.1M Addition

“Alpina Foods Inc., the Batavia-based yogurt producer, is poised for a small expansion of its Genesee County plant. Officials confirmed Alpina wants to add 3,200-square-feet to its plant to make room for a new line of bottle-filing machinery and packaging equipment for a separate new line of drinkable yogurt products.”
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How Many ‘Clean Energy’ Jobs are in New York?

“More than 85,000 New Yorkers work in clean energy jobs, with the Albany-Schenectady-Troy metro area employing the second largest number of those workers in the state. Still, most of the energy jobs are outside of upstate New York, according to a new study— “Clean Jobs New York.”
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Troy Innovation Garage Raising Money for Creative Economy Startup Incubator

“The Troy Innovation Garage, Troy’s latest co-working space, is raising money on crowdfunding site Kickstarter for a creative economy business incubator. The incubator, called The Spark Exchange Incubator Program, is raising $30,000 over the next 29 days.”
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Albany Drug Company Makes $358 million Acquisition

“An Albany drug manufacturer has acquired another European company to grow its business. Albany Molecular Research Inc. (NASDAQ:AMRI) is purchasing Italian company Euticals for $358 million. The acquisition brings an established European customer base and more expertise in a range of drug making techniques, AMRI president and CEO William Marth said in a statement.”
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1366 Technologies lands $10M Investment

“A Massachusetts-based solar company with plans to move into a plant near Batavia has announced it has secured a $10 million investment for the project from a South Korean-based company.”
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Why Building more Natural Gas Pipelines is Critical for U.S. Manufacturers

“U.S. manufacturers benefit from America’s abundance of natural gas, which they use as a direct fuel and as a raw material in industries such as chemicals. But new natural gas pipelines need to be built in order to get this energy resource to more users, they argue. That’s become a challenge in some areas, particularly in the Northeast, where new pipelines have been opposed by environmentalists and others concerned about pipeline safety.”
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