2024 Manufacturing Grants


As part of the Jeff Lawrence Innovation Fund, FuzeHub’s Manufacturing Grants are designed to encourage collaboration between not-for-profit organizations and small to medium-sized manufacturing companies in New York State. The partnership created with the not-for-profit organization serves as a pathway to technology transfer, adoption and implementation of new manufacturing processes, as well as the creation of enhanced products and services, and help manufacturing companies achieve success from early stage, proof of concept through maturity.

The U.S. Economic Development Administration is now providing additional support to FuzeHub’s Manufacturing Grants program, with a focus on projects that benefit start-up companies. As a result, at least four awards in this round will be made for projects benefiting start-up companies; of those, at least 2 awards will be made to projects that exclude the purchase of equipment (see Guidelines for details). Up to three awards will be made to projects that benefit eligible companies of any stage of maturity, and equipment costs are eligible under those awards.

Program Goals

To identify innovative projects that support the collaboration of not-for-profit organizations and New York State small to medium-sized manufacturers, leading to the creation of valuable economic impacts in our communities, and the growth of New York’s manufacturing sector.

Available Funding

Individual grants will not exceed $65,000. The number of awards made may vary by funding round depending on other uses of the Fund and the quality of applications received. FuzeHub maintains the right to award less than is being requested.

NEW FOR 2024

We raised the cap on individual awards and revamped the application process to include a video submission showcasing your project. Check the guidelines to learn the details.

Manufacturing Grants - Round 2

Awards up to $65K Each | Applications Open April 15, 2024 | Deadline to Apply is May 14, 2024 at 4 PM EST


Eligible Applicants: New York State not-for-profit organizations that partner with at least one New York State small to medium-sized manufacturer in any stage of maturity.

Eligible Partner Manufacturers: At least one, and up to five, manufacturing companies in any stage of maturity with a:

    • Physical establishment in New York State, and no more than 500 employees across the entire firm or enterprise worldwide;
    • Dun & Bradstreet profile with a registered North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code. See guidelines for list of eligible NAICS codes.
    • While companies in any stage of development are eligible to apply, at least 4 awards will be granted to projects in which the industry partner is a startup manufacturer who does not request funds toward the cost of purchasing equipment. For the purposes of this grant, a startup is a company that has:
      • Less than $2M in revenue to date; and
      • Been in business for 5 years or less (7 for life science, biomedical, or medical device companies)

FuzeHub encourages participation by military veterans, women, minorities, and socially or economically disadvantaged businesses.

ROUND 2 UPDATE: A Project Abstract will not be required. The project description should be part of the video,, same as it was for round 1. Also, new for round 2, the economic impacts should be included as a written answer to the questionnaire.

April 12, 2024.  Please check back to this site for any updates.

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