Advanced Manufacturing Technology Consortia (AMTech) program

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Below are the AMTech projects that received funding in NYS:
University of Rochester, The New York Photonics Manufacturing Initiative, $498,430.
The group will work closely with the National Photonics Initiative to develop a national technology roadmap for photonics. It will focus on new technologies and the manufacturing challenges “that, if solved, can strengthen the competitiveness of domestic photonics companies and bring photonics manufacturing back to the United States,” says NIST. The United States was once the leader in photonics; yet now it only produces 10 percent of the global output of photonics components such as fiberoptics, photovoltaics, lasers, digital imaging and flat panel displays — all of which are U.S. inventions. “The United States needs to take the lead in developing advanced manufacturing technologies that both enable and leverage photonics technologies,” according to NIST. “For example, optoelectronic devices that are now assembled by hand in Asia can be manufactured competitively in the U.S. by developing the ability to integrate photonic devices with electronic circuitry. And displays that are now made on large flat glass substrates in Asia could be made in the U.S. using flexible substrates and high-speed rollto-roll coating processes.”
SEMATECH Inc., Semiconductor Supply Chain Roadmapping, $498,825.
SEMATECH will develop a roadmap for U.S. suppliers of materials and components. “Suppliers of components and materials have not been engaged in the industry’s regular technology forecasting and planning activity,” says NIST. “Their targets for reducing defects and setting performance are established by their customers, and there is no coordinated, supplier-level effort to solve shared challenges to meeting increasingly stringent requirements.”


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