An outlook on the manufacturing workforce in NYS

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factory workers in white lab suits and face masks, sitting on the chairs are producing tv sets with soldering irons under bright lamps
Manufacturing is one of the top seven sectors that account for the majority of employment in NYS. The industry as a whole is inevitably shaped by the status of the state’s labor force, including opportunities in workforce development and the ways in which an underutilized labor force may be brought to its full potential.
The New York Association of Training & Employment Professionals (NYATEP) sheds light on this in their recent brief, The 2018 State of the Workforce. This brief provides perspective on the workforce implications of trends in regional economies. The data in the report presents key findings that outline why and how workforce development “must be a core aspect of the State’s economic development.” Dive into the report to learn more about how the NYS workforce is transforming.


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