Full Circle Feed

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FuzeHub Helps Full Circle Feed with Sustainability Full Circle Feed manufactures dog treats from unused meats, vegetables, fruits, and breads from restaurant buffets that were prepared but not served. The result is a healthy and environmentally-sustainable dog treat.With an organizational commitment to sustainability, Michael Amadori, President of Full Circle Feed, is  constantly seeking ways in which he can reduce waste …


Centrotherm Eco Systems, LLC

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FuzeHub Helps Centrotherm Eco Systems with Additive Manufacturing & Sustainability Centrotherm Eco Systems, LLC is an Albany-based manufacturer of pipes and fittings for flue gasventing. The company’s InnoFlue® products are made of environmentally-friendly thermal plastics and used with high-efficiency gas and oil-fired appliances in commercial and residential structures. Summary Centrotherm does not have 3D printers at its U.S. facility, but …


Hydrolutions North America

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FuzeHub Helps Hydrolutions North America with Funding, Sustainability & Testing Services Hydrolutions North America is a Long Island-based company that provides innovative and proven technology for Ecological Wastewater Treatment (EWT). While the company’s patented ecological wastewater treatment system has been deployed successfully over 10 years at more than 150 sites worldwide, including throughout Europe, it has yet to penetrate the U.S. …