Let’s Have a Conversation on Sustainability

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Let's have a conversation on Sustainability

Sustainability. The ability to meet the needs of the current generation without sacrificing the resources of future generations.

You hear about it often, but do you understand how important it is, and how it is shaping the way innovators are growing and producing food, storing energy and more?

If you are interested in learning, join FuzeHub and NYSTAR for the New York State Innovation Summit, October 7-8 at the Rochester Convention Center and enroll in Track 3: Sustainability and Energy.

The Day 1 session looks at the Future of Food.  With resources in sharp decline and agricultural land and ecosystems continuing to deteriorate, the future of mankind may depend on our ability to grow, produce, transport, package, distribute, use and dispose of foods in ways that conserve resources, make the most of renewable energy, recycle nutrients and otherwise promote sustainability. The panel discussion will be moderated by Melissa Hall, Sustainable Food Program Manager at the New York State Pollution Prevention Institute (NYSP21). Experts include Vincent Arena, Chief Operating Officer of Tazzetto Coffee and a social entrepreneur with a passion for sustainable problem solving; Tinia Pina, Founder & CEO of Re-Nuble Inc., an agricultural technology company in New York City; and Catharine Young, Director of the New York State Center of Excellence for Food and Agriculture at Cornell AgriTech.

Then, on Day 2, the focus turns to the vital role Energy Storage plays in sustainability, by capturing energy produced from renewable sources, such as solar, wind and water, and releasing it when needed. It is projected that in the not-too-distant future, storage will be a core component of all new energy technologies.  The session will feature a panel discussion moderated by David Hamilton, Executive Director for the Clean Energy Business Incubator Program (CEBIP) and COO for the Advanced Energy Research and Technology Center (AERTC) both located at Stony Brook University. The panelists, representing academia and industry, are Ryne P. Raffaelle, Vice President for Research and Associate Provost at Rochester Institute of Technology; Angelo D’Anzi, Founder and Chief Technology Officer at StorEn Technologies; Amy Marschilok, Associate Professor of Chemistry at Stony Brook University and Christopher Schauerman, founder of Cellec Technologies.

The Innovation Summit is the premier event for organizations that want to discover emerging technologies that support innovation and drive business growth. To learn more, or to register, click here.


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