Why Parents Don’t Want Their Kids to Work for Your Company

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Nothing personal, but a lot of parents wouldn’t want their kids to work for your manufacturing company. No, it’s not because they think you’re using child labor. Rather, it’s because too many American parents believe that manufacturing jobs aren’t “good jobs.” So when parents talk to their kids about classes and careers, a future in manufacturing isn’t even an option. …


Will Industrial 3DP Disrupt Manufacturing?

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Rick Smith, the founder of the Global Coalition on Additive Manufacturing (GCAM), believes that 3D printing is about to disrupt your industry. In an article for Forbes magazine, the co-founder of CloudDDM claims that industrial 3DP “has reached its tipping point and is about to go mainstream.” Smith then explains why technologies that were once limited to prototyping are now revolutionizing full-scale production.


How Manufacturers Manage Cyber Risks

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Cyber attacks aren’t just aimed at websites, computerized databases, and other digital assets. They also target physical assets such as industrial equipment. Late last year, cyber attackers struck a German steel mill and caused massive damage to the facility. Using a technique known as “spear fishing,” cyber criminals stole logins and passwords, accessed furnace control systems, and then caused the equipment to malfunction.


Will Makers Become Manufacturers?

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Makers includes inventors, designers, and artisans who create small batches of products in workshops, garages, and home offices. The Maker Movement is a global phenomenon, but New York City hosts one of the world’s eight great Maker Faires, events that attract tens of thousands of attendees. As the Maker Movement continues to grow, what’s the best way to maximize its economic development potential?


Empire State Development Announces 200th Patent Earned by FuzeHub Board Member

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Empire State Development announced FuzeHub Board Member Santokh S. Badesha has earned his 200th Patent from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Badesha plays a vital role at FuzeHub, working with board members and industry experts to connect New York’s small and medium-sized manufacturing businesses to the resources and expertise needed to expand and succeed.