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NYS Manufacturing and Tech News 8.26.19

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HVCC opens $14.5 million Center for Advanced Manufacturing Skills

“Hudson Valley Community College is hoping a new facility will propel the school and its students into the future of advanced manufacturing.”

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$12 million research center to open at Griffiss

“A $12 million technology research partnership between the Air Force Research Laboratory, the Griffiss Institute and SUNY Polytechnic Institute is expected to open at Griffiss International Airport in the spring.”

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$22 million project will bring new factory, 100-plus jobs to Bethlehem Steel site

“The company that makes the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser for Procter & Gamble is helping to erase some of the blight along the former Bethlehem Steel complex in Lackawanna.”

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Brewery, distillery, performance area and solar array proposed for Moreau farmland

“A unique farm has been proposed that would rely on a bar, performance venue and a solar array to make ends meet.”

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United Aircraft Technologies is creating big opportunity through a small solution

“Daryian Rhysing, Chief Technology Officer and Executive Chairman of UAT, spent 12 years as an aircraft mechanic for the U.S. Army and as a hull technician in the U.S. Navy. He developed Carpal Tunnel Syndrome from the countless hours spent on maintaining and fixing the wiring in the aircraft. Later, while attending Rensselaer to earn his bachelor’s degree, Daryian developed his business concept. A clamp.”

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