Additive Manufacturing: Manufacturers looking to adopt the technology

A compendium of websites that specialize in providing IT information to enterprises, Tech Target offers a variety of websites on different IT topics. One of them Search Manufacturing ERP has published an article about Additive Manufacturing, with an eye toward manufacturers. I resonated with the article, as the hype about 3-D Printing, primarily the consumer end of it, has had the dual effect of hype-ing consumer printers, and making manufacturers feel that Doomsday is approaching, where everything will be 3-D Printed.

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FuzeHub Builds Connections That Help Manufacturers to Succeed

FuzeHub connects New York State manufacturers to the resources, programs, and expertise they need to succeed. By helping small to mid-sized companies take technologies to market, this federally-funded initiative promotes innovation, commercialization, and business growth. “FuzeHub is about building connections,” explains Laura Mann, Director of Strategy and Operations, “and these connections are helping companies to achieve their goals.”

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CEN Manufacturing Scholarships

The Chief Executives Network for Manufacturing of the Capital Region, Inc. (CEN) is an association of manufacturers located in the Capital Region. To encourage students to consider careers in manufacturing, CEN will once again be making available $1,000 scholarships to be awarded to applicants who are

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Additive Manufacturing – Great news for small business and consumers

3D systems has rolled out several new products at the Consumer Electronics Show, in Las Vegas including:
Cube 3, the latest version of its consumer printer, that prints 2 colors/2 materials in ABS and PLA, 6” Cube build volume, and costs around $1000. It is allegedly twice as fast as its predecessor, but it is still committed to use 3-D systems materials, in the cartridges that fit the machine.

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