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Why You Need to Be an Exhibitor in Herkimer (Virtually)

Why You Need to Be an Exhibitor in Herkimer (Virtually)

Before COVID, Herkimer College was the site of an annual FuzeHub event that remains one of my favorites. The exact name of this event changed a few times but it was always known as The Mohawk Valley B2B. Unlike a traditional Solutions Forum, where NYS-funded resources are stationed at tables and companies sit down to meet with them, this business-to-business (B2B) event was setup like a trade show. Companies and resources both had tables for meetings and the entire event had a friendly, Main Street-style feel.
Last year, COVID forced the cancellation of our Herkimer College event. This year, ongoing pandemic restrictions have made it impractical to hold a gathering in-person. Yet, the show must go on. This year, FuzeHub and its partners are planning How the Mohawk Valley Feeds Innovation, a June 2nd virtual Manufacturing Expo that is open to any NYS company in food or technology. You don’t have to be from the Mohawk Valley and you don’t have to grow or process food to participate.
Making Lemonade
Have you ever heard the old saying that “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade”? Certainly, life gave us some bitter lemons during COVID. But now FuzeHub and its partners are planning to brew a delicious lemonade that will make you want to join us at Herkimer College next year. That’s right. No matter where you live and work in NYS, your food or technology company will be invited. Herkimer is easy-on, easy-off the NYS Thruway – and you’ll enjoy the springtime journey to the Mohawk Valley.
No, this year’s event won’t have a Main Street-like layout. Sadly, there won’t even be a pre-event networking reception with delicacies like Utica Greens. Yet the virtual platform that we’ll use (Remo) is powerful. It’s not another Zoom call and this event isn’t a webinar. Surely you’ll enjoy hearing from our keynote speaker, Cree CEO Gregg Lowe. You’ll also like learning how the SUNY Apprenticeship Program and the AIM NYS Cybersecurity Program can help your business. But How the Mohawk Valley Feeds Innovation is ultimately all about you and how you can build business for your company.
Exhibitor Advantages
When you register for this year’s event, you’ll have the choice of participating as either an attendee or as a resource/exhibitor. You’ll find value as an attendee, but you’ll gain even more if you register as a resource/exhibitor. The reasons are simple. If you’re a resource/exhibitor, you’ll get a virtual table where you can host video meetings. Then, because your table will be labeled, it will be easy for others to find you. Companies that register as a resource/exhibitor will also be listed in the Resource Guide.
There’s still time to register for How the Mohawk Valley Feeds Innovation, but the last day to do so is less than two weeks away. On behalf of FuzeHub, I hope you’ll register for this no-cost event today  and participate as a resource/exhibitor. Next year, let’s plan to connect at Herkimer College when one of my favorite FuzeHub events goes in-person again.


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