What It Takes to Reach The Summit

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What does it take to put on the NYS Innovation Summit every year?

It takes speakers: the experience, the thought leadership, the brainpower and wisdom gained from working on furthering causes, businesses, and industry in our great state and beyond, coming together to share insight and inspire the current entrepreneurial class to reach great heights and break more boundaries.

It takes exhibitors: the ideas, the creativity, the ingenuity, the minds that don’t just see a problem but a solution that needs to be shared with the world.

It takes sponsors: businesses and organizations that support manufacturing and technology not only provide financial support but offer solutions for the many challenges upstart and established businesses incur – many being services that dig into precious development time.

It takes creativity: this includes dancers, singers, and drummers for that jolt of energy and inspiration we all need to help reset and refocus while allowing ourselves to be entertained.

It takes a team: the FuzeHub team is experienced and well-versed with the Summit, even as it grows in prominence every year. With the support of the host community, our small but tight team is energized by the introductions we make, the businesses we help fund, and the impacts we help create.

It takes leadership: from FuzeHub to NYSTAR to Empire State Development to even the top official from our great state, it takes leadership with vision, purpose, and a forward-thinking agenda to support this initiative year-after-year.

And, most importantly, it takes YOU – the participants we just described as well as everyone who attended, shared our story, invited guests, plugged us on social media, and recommended this event to a colleague or manager. All in all, it takes everyone – the entire collection of forward-thinkers, creators, dreamers, and performers to make for a successful Summit. We have the formula, but it’s not successful without all of us.

It doesn’t just take a village, it takes a state. An Empire State, to be exact. And we’re in the perfect place for it all to happen.


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  1. In 2019 I used the Innovation Summit to gauge the viability of starting our Additive Manufacturing company based in Syracuse. At the summit in Rochester that year we learned that there was a market and that funds were available to help start and grow the company through grant programs and state funding. Here we are in 2023 and we’ve leveraged our presence at the Innovation Summit to grow our company, a service disabled veteran owned small business, through grants from National Grid, applications to the Jeff Laurence Fund, and business with Government entities (DoE and DoD), NYS companies, and numerous industries. We would be glad to tell our story at the next Innovations Summit in Syracuse in 2024 and have site tours of our facility for interested participants.

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