5,351 Jobs, $819.3 Million: NY Manufacturing Extension Partnership Announces 2018 Economic Impact

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5,351 Jobs, $819.3 Million- NY Manufacturing Extension Partnership Announces 2018 Economic Impact

 The New York Manufacturing Extension Partnership (NY MEP) network helped create or retain 5,351 manufacturing jobs and generate $819.3 million in company cost savings, new investments and increased or retained sales in 2018. 

The NY MEP network is a coalition of 10 regional MEP centers and one statewide center, FuzeHub. In each of their regions and across the state, they help small to mid-sized manufacturing companies identify and implement solutions to become more competitive and more efficient in order to accelerate their growth and create jobs. 

“The NY MEP network helps manufacturers solve challenges to ignite their growth,” said FuzeHub Executive Director Elena Garuc. “Last year, our network of organizations worked with manufacturers in every corner of the state, providing access to programs, funding, resources, experts and partners to increase their competitiveness and generate new growth. With new and emerging technologies accelerating change within the manufacturing industry, the NY MEP can help local manufacturers keep pace and get ahead of the curve and their competition.” 

Across New York State, there are more than 15,300 manufacturing companies, which provide 437,000 jobs and generate $73 billion in economic output. 

The NY MEP economic impact of 5,351 jobs and $819.3 million breaks down to: 

• 1,203 jobs created 

• 4,148 jobs retained 

• $181.9 million in new investments made by MEP-supported companies in New York State 

• $47.5 million in cost savings resulting from MEP solutions 

• $589.9 million in increased and retained sales due to manufacturers’ expanded/enhanced capabilities 

The NY MEP helps companies with innovation, process and quality improvement, product development, scale-up, tech acceleration, research commercialization, sustainable manufacturing and more. The economic impact information is based on data from the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s Hollings Manufacturing Extension Partnership (NIST MEP), the federal agency that administers the national MEP program. 


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