Advanced Manufacturing Experts Needed

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Advanced Manufacturing Experts Needed

America’s Seed Fund, powered by the National Science Foundation, is searching for industry and academe experts to review proposals from startups working in the Advanced Manufacturing space. Your service and expertise will help the NSF program directors decide which transformative technologies from the nation’s most promising startups should receive up to $1.75 million of NSF funding.
Serve as an NSF reviewer
The success of the peer review process, which enables the National Science Foundation (NSF) to make wise investments in all fields of science and engineering research and education, depends on the willingness of qualified reviewers like you to share your time and expertise. Your experience and up-to- date knowledge enables you to provide helpful advice to NSF program directors on the merits of proposals and constructive comments to proposers that strengthen their projects.
Benefits to You as a Reviewer
In addition to providing a great service to NSF and the science and engineering community, reviewers benefit from reviewing and serving on panels. Reviewers also gain first-hand knowledge of the peer review process; learn about common problems with proposals; discover strategies to write strong proposals; and, through serving on a panel, meet colleagues and NSF program directors managing programs related to your interests.
How to Become a Reviewer
Reviewers must have some quantifiable expertise in the field for which they are examining proposals. For SBIR proposals, reviewers typically have an advanced degree in a field of science or engineering or significant experience in commercializing technologies. Reviewers come from either academe or industry with the ability to understand advanced scientific subject matter like advanced manufacturing and impartially describe the merits of the proposals submitted from the community.
To become an NSF reviewer, send an e-mail to [email protected] with Advanced Manufacturing in the subject line. Please introduce yourself, tell us about your area of expertise and attach a short resume or a link to your LinkedIn profile.
The NSF encourages you to share this request with other colleagues who might be interested in serving as NSF reviewers. They welcome qualified reviewers from the universities, industry, investment firms and other government agencies.


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