Advanced Manufacturing Technology: Robotics

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People are the lifeblood of any business, but people are fallible. Illness, incompetence, inattention, a lack of training and other factors can lead to errors and make the operation of machinery inefficient or even dangerous.
This is why many businesses are turning to robots to perform monotonous tasks with consistency and precision. Robots can be used in any task that requires repetition–packaging systems, pulleys, conveyer belts, 3D printing, guided vehicles and many other business processes can be automated. This does not have to mean fewer jobs. The increased productivity, efficiency, speed and safety that come with robotics bring cost savings that could result in the hiring of more people to perform the higher-level tasks robots can’t do.
Robotics is just one example of how the technological landscape is changing. Taking advantage of Advanced Manufacturing Technology (AMT) will help businesses succeed in today’s smart manufacturing environment. Reach out to FuzeHub or your regional New York Manufacturing Extension Partnership center for expert knowledge of AMT and help with technology implementation.


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