Advanced Materials Strengths and Assets in NYS: Focus on Alfred University

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Alfred University

Welcome to the fourth featured institution in our New York State Assets blog series on Advanced Materials. This week, we highlight the unique and amazing work taking place at Alfred University. Their Center for Glass Innovation focuses on glass sustainability and how to “switch out” traditional technologies for new, improved strategies that will reduce the overall footprint of this industry.

Aligning with FuzeHub’s mission to educate and engage New York’s manufacturing and tech sector in the state’s dynamic landscape, we spotlight Alfred University’s achievements. Our focus spans a spectrum of stories, from fledgling concepts to cutting-edge research emerging from various research institutions and assets throughout the Empire State.

Our vision is to position Upstate NY as a premier global center for materials innovation within the coming decade. Through fostering partnerships across diverse entities and cultivating a skilled workforce, our objective is to promote sustainable manufacturing practices, address environmental challenges, reinforce circular economy principles, and foster the growth of innovative products, processes, and enterprises.

Watch the video here.


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