Advanced Materials Strengths and Assets in NYS: Focus on Binghamton University

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Binghamton University

For the last video in our Advanced Materials series, we focus on the work being done at Binghamton University, specifically in materials innovation with an emphasis on sustainability. The experts at Binghamton are working on materials that can be functional and non-destructive, and can act as a suitable replacement for current materials that are not safe.

Our ultimate aim is to position Upstate New York as a global leader in materials innovation over the next decade. Through fostering collaborations and cultivating a skilled workforce, we strive to promote sustainable manufacturing practices, address environmental challenges, advocate for circular economy principles, and drive forward innovative products, processes, and enterprises.

In line with FuzeHub’s dedication to informing and engaging New York’s manufacturing and technology sectors, we’re excited to showcase Binghamton University’s achievements. Our coverage spans from groundbreaking research to emerging ideas, reflecting the diversity of innovation across the state.

Watch the video here.

This wraps up our series on Advanced Materials. If you didn’t get a chance to view the other entires, you can watch the full video (featuring seven institutions across the state) here.


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