Advanced Materials Strengths and Assets in NYS: Focus on Clarkson University

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Clarkson University - Upstate Makes Video Series 2024

Part of FuzeHub’s mission is to inform and engage with the manufacturing and tech community about the innovation landscape across New York State. We feature stories about new ideas in start-up mode all the way to the research and development happening at our research institutions and assets across the Empire State.

One of those areas is in the work we’re doing in Advanced Materials. Multiple institutions are working to improve sustainability through applied materials innovations and adoption to solve the environmental challenges of manufacturers. This comes at a critical juncture as the U.S. industrial base faces acute sustainability pressures, with corresponding opportunities to capture a generational competitive edge and generate virtuous economic growth cycles by leveraging innovations in materials science.

Our collective goal is that ten years from now, Upstate NY will be a renowned materials innovation ecosystem leading the global shift to manufacturing sustainability. Its diverse partners and world-class workforce will have solved significant environmental challenges and strengthened circular economy dynamics while generating competitive new products, processes, and companies.

But there are stories to tell today. This blog series will highlight the work being done by our New York State assets that include science labs, industry partners and end-users, entrepreneurial support and investment organizations, workforce development providers, other implementation partners, and diverse stakeholder groups. This week, we feature the work of Clarkson University and their work with nanomaterials, alloys, and sustainable materials.

Watch the video here.


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