Are You A Manufacturer?

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Food, textiles, chemicals, and more are all considered manufacturing products

Manufacturers don’t just make widgets or gadgets. Food, textiles, chemicals, and more are all considered manufactured products. FuzeHub’s manufacturing solutions program helped us develop an interactive flowchart for decision-makers looking for assistance with their manufacturing needs. Follow the steps in the link below to find out.

Did You Know?

In addition to manufacturers, FuzeHub works with technology companies. For example, if you’re developing an Industry 4.0 solution, we may be able to help you.

To work with a contract manufacturer, you will probably require a set of engineering drawings, a bill of material, and a bill of process, not just a rendering or prototype. FuzeHub can help advise your company on next steps.

FuzeHub can connect companies to resources that offer great business guidance, including NY SBDC (Small Business Development Center), NYS Certified Business Incubators, and Innovation Hot Spots

D&B assigns numerical codes to every business entity, which are important for proving business credibility, establishing industry affiliation, and may be required for certain grant eligibility.


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  1. Looking for funding. My company is in the nutraceutical business. I’m a NY company in need of suffisticated packaging ( weighing and dispensing) equipment.
    Can you recommend or refer me to someone that can help. I’ve already contacted my local SBDC.

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