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Artificial Intelligence is Finding a New Workforce in New York

Artificial Intelligence is finding a new workforce in NYS

Do you need employees? Yes, you do. Finding a diverse and skilled workforce is a leading challenge for New York State manufacturers. The organization Our Ability will host “Building a Manufacturing Distribution Workforce on March 26, 2019 at Syracuse University. Tech giant Microsoft and other cutting edge resources working in the artificial intelligence (AI) space will help manufacturers realize their business outcomes more efficiently than ever. The event will include an array of activities that will demonstrate how AI applications are advancing the modern workforce, and illustrate how AI can be harnessed to identify workforce skills that will fit your unique business environment needs.

Image of John Robinson
John Robinson of Our Ability

John Robinson, executive director of Our Ability, looks forward to bringing this event to New York State manufacturers seeking to meet their workforce priorities with customized solutions. “We are excited about our partnership with Syracuse and Microsoft and interested in collaborating with all parties on using artificial intelligence to identify work forces and skill sets. We believe AI can identify people with disabilities and their marketable skills.”


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