Cloud Computing

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Cloud computing

You’ve heard of cloud computing–using the Internet, instead of a local server or personal computer, to store, manage, and process data–but are you aware of the benefits to organizations like yours?
As computer technology becomes increasingly integral to the functioning of every business, so do the potential problems become increasingly real. Viruses, malware and hacking can threaten the security of your information. Server crashes can hurt your productivity. And the constant need to update both hardware and software can become very expensive.
Cloud computing addresses these problems, freeing your organization of the costs associated with building and maintaining a computer infrastructure, providing data security by storing your information “offsite” and giving you as much space as you need as your business grows. You can combine mobile devices, personal computers, data bases, application servers and more into a single, convenient resource and put your focus on running your business.
Cloud computing is just one example of how the technological landscape is changing. Taking advantage of Advanced Manufacturing Technology (AMT) will help businesses succeed in today’s smart manufacturing environment. Reach out to FuzeHub or your regional New York Manufacturing Extension Partnership center for expert knowledge of AMT and help with technology implementation.


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