What cobots can do for your business

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What Cobots Can Do for Your Business, a cobot is a collaborative robot - one that works alongside humans to complement and augment human capabilities. Machine wheels in the background

The cobots are coming! The cobots are coming!
No need to fear. In fact, you might want to embrace them.
“Cobot” is shorthand for “collaborative robot,” a machine that works alongside people—complementing their skills and helping them work better and faster. Cobots are already in use in a number of industries, including electronics, chemical products, food and automotive, and as the infographic below shows, strong growth is projected in the coming years as the technology advances and manufacturers of all sizes recognize their value.
FuzeHub is at the forefront of this effort as co-leader, with the Center for Automation Technologies and Systems (CATS) at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI), of ARM-NY—the New York State Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing Collaborative.
ARM-NY coordinates the state’s participation in the ARM Institute, a Pittsburgh, PA-based Manufacturing USA institute created in 2017 by U.S. Department of Defense (DoD). FuzeHub’s role is to connect New York manufacturers with robotics technology, business and funding opportunities, and other resources within the state’s industrial robotics community.
“This is an exciting time to be in manufacturing,” said Beth Bornick, the Advanced Robotics Lead at FuzeHub. “Every day, robotics technology is changing what’s possible, and leveling the playing field for small manufacturers. FuzeHub is proud to be part of this revolution.”


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  1. Thank you Fuzehub team to have brought to us readers the importance of Cobots in the lives of humans as well as businesses. The pictorial representation of the complete analysis in a gist takes us through the complete journey in just a look. The complete potential of Cobots when in collaborating with humans is well explained.

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