Cybersecurity Resources Growing for NYS Manufacturers

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Manufacturing is one of the most threatened industries when it comes to the occurrence of cybersecurity attacks—second only to the healthcare industry. While digital and interconnected technologies have enabled a high level of adaptability for manufacturers to optimize production, cyber threats now have a broader playing field for damage.
To help equip manufacturers with the tools they need to grow a substantial cybersecurity program, New York Manufacturing Extension Partnership (NY MEP) is taking a lead. On March 14-15, the 11 NY MEP Centers convened at Mohawk Valley Community College’s Rome campus to engage in a training to implement broadened services for manufacturers around strengthening cyber and physical security. The training was sponsored by FuzeHub on behalf of NY MEP and was presented by the Advanced Institute for Manufacturing (AIM).
FuzeHub’s MEP Solutions Director, Everton H. Henriques was quoted in a press release from Mohawk Valley Community College, stating “The partnership between AIM, NY MEP, and FuzeHub is extremely beneficial to the New York manufacturing community by equipping all 10 regional MEP centers across the state with the tools to provide cybersecurity assessment, training, and implementation of solutions for manufacturers to comply with the NIST 800-171 Standard.”
In New York State, 1 statewide Center and 10 regional NY MEP Centers are part of the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s Hollings Manufacturing Extension Partnership. Learn more about how NY MEP Centers are helping small to mid-sized manufacturers become more competitive.


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