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The Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute (DMDII) based at UI Labs in Chicago is part of the National Network for Manufacturing Innovation. DMDII is the nation’s flagship research institute for applying cutting-edge digital technologies to reduce the time and cost of manufacturing, strengthen the capabilities of the U.S. supply chain, and reduce acquisition costs for DoD. Through partnerships between industry, government, and universities, DMDII will both develop and demonstrate digital manufacturing technologies and deploy and commercialize these technologies across key manufacturing industries.
Digital manufacturing is the use of an integrated, computer-based system comprised of simulation, three-dimensional (3D) visualization, analytics and various collaboration tools to create product and manufacturing process definitions simultaneously. Design innovation is the ability to apply these technologies, tools and products to re-imagine the entire manufacturing process from end to end.
DMDII is focused on the following technology areas: Advanced Manufacturing Enterprise (software, communications, and systems), Advanced Analysis (design of better products and integrated manufacturing processes), and Intelligent Machines that make high quality products more cost effectively.
The Rochester Institute of Technology is a partner in this initiative and has a goal to help engage NY State industry and other NY State stakeholders in DMDII. To learn more, go to or contact Michael Thurston at ([email protected], 585-475-6550)

DMDII Near Term Technology Development and Demonstration Opportunities

The Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute has several new project calls that were recently announced ( There is a workshop scheduled to review these opportunities on Feb 25 and 26 in Atlanta.

  • Factory Infrastructure Cybersecurity: Assessing the impact of DoD cybersecurity requirements on businesses (DFARS 252.204-7012).
    Smart Factory Optimization: Using real-time data to improve visibility into the operations of a smart factory, and to demonstrating improved factory controls based on real-time feedback.
  • Standards for Intelligent Machines: Define an initial framework and set of standards for communication with Intelligent Machines.
    Wearable Computing for the Shop Floor: Using wearable/mobile computing to integrate the shop floor workforce into the digital thread, including advanced data visualization. Applicable to manufacturing workforce, and service/repair of equipment.
  • Systems Design using the Digital Thread: Demonstrating technologies that can use data from across the product lifecycle and value chain to improve product design and manufacturing.
  • Virtually Guided Certification: Demonstrate technologies that use advanced computing, modeling and simulation, and data analysis to significantly reduce time and cost of certification.

RIT and the COE-SM are looking for industry partners in NY State to participate in this program. If you have any interest in learning how your business could benefit from these research opportunities, please contact Michael Thurston prior to Feb 25.


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