Eck Plastic Arts: Saving Clients Money By Delivering More Value. How the Eck do they do it?

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Eck Plastic Arts: Saving Clients Money By Delivering More Value. How The Eck Do They Do It?

FuzeHub’s NYS Manufacturing Now podcast interviewed Brett Pennefeather from Eck Plastics Products, a full-service injection molding, thermoforming, fabrication, and product finishing company. Eck Plastic Arts is located in Binghamton, NY and produces quality plastic parts for original equipment manufacturers.
Eck Plastics is unique in how it offers multiple forms of plastic material fabrication. This allows the Southern Tier company to produce parts and components in a variety of different ways that offer added material innovation and production savings for clients.
Brett has a background in finance and, as company president, aims to grow Eck Plastics to become a leading plastics fabricator. Tune in to the podcast to see how he grew Eck Plastics 36% in three years with a 50% increase in his workforce. You’ll also learn how even during the COVID-19 pandemic, Eck Plastics continues to succeed and grow.


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