Fall 2015 JumpStart Funded Companies Announced

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Ithaca, NY – The Cornell Center for Materials Research JumpStart program, funded by Empire State Development’s Division of Science, Technology and Innovation, is designed to assist New York State small businesses develop and improve their products through university collaborations; the ultimate goal is revenue growth and job creation. JumpStart projects receive up to $5,000 in matching funds for project costs that include faculty and research staff, facilities, services, supplies, and materials. Since its inception, 68 companies have benefited from this program. During the upcoming semester, five companies have been awarded funding and will participate in the following collaborations:
Calmetrics Inc., Holbrook, NY, will collaborate with Professor Shefford Baker, Materials Science and Engineering, on the development of a process for the production of thin, free standing Chromium foils.
CatAssays, Rochester, NY, will collaborate with Professor Lena Kourkoutis, Applied and Engineering Physics, to characterize palladium-loaded polymeric nanoparticles used in their Generation-2 modified ELISA-format ultrasensitive bioassay technology by high resolution transmission electron microscopy.
Ecolectro Inc., Ithaca, NY, will collaborate with Professor Geoffrey Coates, Chemistry and Chemical Biology, to produce new Alkaline Anion Exchange Membranes and characterize them for their electrical and mechanical properties.
ToxiSTAT Inc., Ithaca, NY, will collaborate with Professor William Dichtel, Chemistry and Chemical Biology, in the development of a cyanide gas detection system.
ZYMtronix Catalytic Systems, Ithaca, NY, will collaborate with Professor Anil Netravali, Fiber Science and Apparel Design, to make porous solvent-resistant polymer fiber substrates for biocatalysts.
About Empire State Development
Empire State Development’s Division of Science, Technology and Innovation supports collaborative industry/academic partnerships to foster integrated approaches for developing and commercializing innovative technologies. The Division of Science, Technology and Innovation serves as a resource for small and start-up technology companies.
About the Cornell Center for Materials Research (CCMR)
The Cornell Center for Materials Research is a National Science Foundation and New York State funded interdisciplinary research center at Cornell University whose mission is to advance, explore, and exploit the forefront of the science and engineering of advanced materials. This objective is pursued through fundamental, experimental and theoretical studies. Three other complementary functions complete the CCMR’s mission: educational outreach to teachers and students; industrial outreach and knowledge transfer; and the operation of shared instrumentation in support of materials research both on and off campus.
About Calmetrics Inc.
Calmetrics specializes in the development and production of certified thin film thickness and composition reference standards used to calibrate X-ray Fluorescence instruments.
About CatAssays
CatAssays is a company developing a highly sensitive modified ELISA bioassay which incorporates a metal-catalyzed high gain redox amplification system for the formation of a readable dye signal for early detection of cancers.
About Ecolectro Inc.
Ecolectro is a startup company commercializing Alkaline Anion Exchange Membranes that have unprecedented chemical and electrochemical stability.
About ToxiSTAT Inc.
ToxiSTAT is a startup company developing a point-of-care tests for use by first responders.
About ZYMtronix Catalytic Systems
ZYMtronix is commercializing an enzyme immobilization technology that significantly enhances the catalytic efficiency and bioprocessing performance.
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