FourSquare/TRE Certification Boosts Sales with AM&T

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FourSquare/TRE was founded in 1989 as a simple molding company. As the years passed, the company grew from its humble roots into a full-service injection molding company. FourSquare/TRE specializes in injection molded components, engineering/design support and assembly/finishing services.
The Problem
After 30 years, it was time for FourSquare/TRE to expand its customer base. Leaders in the company sought an ISO 9001 quality management certification as a way to gain an advantage over competition while also acquiring the tools to handle the resulting influx of customers.
The Solution
FourSquare/TRE partnered with Alliance for Manufacturing and Technology (AM&T), the Southern Tier Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) center, for assistance with the steps towards certification.
Those steps included:

  • Meeting to communicate the standards that needed to be met for the certification
  • Creating a manual that illustrated how FourSquare/TRE would change work processes to conform with the standards required
  • Developing and modifying operating procedures to match the ISO standard
  • Once the standards were met, finding a Registrar to do the certification

The ISO certification was awarded to FourSquare/TRE in Q4 2018.
The Result
FourSquare/TRE positioned themselves as a logical choice to potential customers who are seeking a source with a proven, well controlled and implemented quality management system.
The company expects to see a 25% increase in sales and has already created 15 new jobs while retaining 55 of its current positions. FourSquare/TRE is already seeing an increase in customer development and retention.
The expected economic impact of this collaboration with AM&T is $32.7 million.
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