FuzeHub Connections: Luxe Route and CNYTDO

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How One Start-up Found Help to Develop its New Product
Finding the right help to develop and prototype a new product can be challenging for early-stage companies.  Inventors need to know where to look. Luxe Route, a Syracuse, NY start-up, turned to FuzeHub and was able to connect quickly to the Central New York CNY TDO (Train, Develop, Optimize), the region’s Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) center. CNYTDO’s Bob Kocik worked with Luxe Route’s CEO, Cheryl Hullin, on the identification of NYS contract manufacturers and service providers that could meet Luxe Route’s product materials, testing and low-volume production needs.
As New York State’s statewide Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) center, FuzeHub is part of a state and national network that helps NYS companies find business and technical assistance through its MEP center staff and resource partners.  CNYTDO is a regional resource partner with senior-level manufacturing professionals that offer hands-on technical expertise and in-depth knowledge of regional manufacturing companies and resources. Both FuzeHub and CNYTDO are funded by NYSTAR, New York State’s division of Science, Technology and Innovation within Empire State Development.
Sometimes it Takes a “Village”
Hullin first met with Kocik in April to discuss her product development challenges.  She was looking for raw materials suppliers, good contract manufacturing partners and seeking engineering assistance to develop her product specifications and design drawings.  CNYTDO introduced her to contacts at regional firms including owners Dan Montoney and Tim Shaugnessy of Rapid Cure Technologies and Ray Falso at Falso Industries.
Hullin worked with Montoney and Rapid Cure Technologies for approximately 8 months.  “Dan really hung in there with me like it was his own business project,” said Hullin, “His commitment was unbelievable.” It was Montoney who suggested that Hullin consider an alternative material solution for her product design after meeting with her and learning more about the challenges she was facing.  The solution revolved around the development and application of a material coating that could be used with a more accessible, available and less costly base material and which would achieve the same performance characteristics that she needed for her product to work well.  Together with Rapid Cure Technologies chemist, Jeanne Haubrich, Montoney developed sample panels with coatings that could be field tested.  “It was a very effective way for me to understand the chemical feasibility of the new solution.”  Montoney even went so far as to accompany Hullin on a company site-visit in Rochester, NY to explore the viability of a potential material supplier.
“I had incredible support from the local upstate business community,” said Hullin; “So many really went out of their way to lend their expertise with everything from identifying suppliers and manufacturers of ABS plastic, galvanized and stainless steel boxes to tool and diecast sources. Each new introduction opened up more doors.  I was even able to get assistance from a new contact at Hollowick, Inc. with the development of my CAD (Computer Aided Design) drawings for my product.”
As a small, early stage start-up, finding the right help is a big key to success. For inventors and entrepreneurs across New York State, FuzeHub is ready to make those connections at every step of the way.


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