FuzeHub is Hiring: Design and Engineering Solutions Specialist

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FuzeHub is Hiring: Design and Engineering Solutions Specialist

FuzeHub serves small to medium sized manufacturers (SME’s) by making connections and introductions to the appropriate resources and programs available to assist in their growth through a variety of programs and activities. The successful candidate for this position will work within the Solutions Program as a core team member and report to the Executive Director and Program Director.
FuzeHub provides technology-related assistance to SME’s by identifying resources and programs that meet the growth needs of the manufacturer. The Design and Engineering Solutions Specialist will be responsible for providing guidance to manufacturers in the early stages of their design to help them with lean design principles. In addition, this position will be responsible for learning the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) Build4ScaleTM training in order to be able to hold workshops in New York State on manufacturing design fundamentals. As a workshop instructor, they will demonstrate an ability to provide instruction and guide workshop participants through exercises to reinforce learning concepts.
Another key area will be to help them establish supplier and contract manufacturing relationships as they enter the manufacturing stage. This includes, but is not limited to, responsibility for identifying gaps within the manufacturing resource landscape, personally vetting resources and capturing their profile information for our knowledge base. In addition, ensuring proper agreements, on-ramping, training, and compliance with FuzeHub’s resource policies.
Candidates for this position will have a strong background and skills in manufacturing product development, project management and interpersonal skills, as well as experience in managing business relationships. Candidates must possess the communication and facilitation skills necessary to cultivate partners who are knowledgeable about the manufacturing process and the process of bringing ideas to market.
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