FuzeHub’s 2023 By the Numbers

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FuzeHub 2023 AnnualReport Cover

How will you remember 2023? At FuzeHub, we celebrated our tenth year of serving manufacturing and technology companies across New York State. From the Manufacturing Solutions Program to the Jeff Lawrence Innovation Fund, and from FuzeHub’s Marketing Services to the New York State Innovation Summit, we reached new heights and kept our sights set on the stars.

That’s because New York’s Innovation Ecosystem is like a galaxy. Each asset shines brightly, lighting the way to new opportunities for growth. At FuzeHub, we’ll remember 2023 as the year we set records for participation in our programs and hosted more attendees than ever at the Summit. Our journey continues, but we invite you to take a moment and celebrate with us.

Find out how our programs propelled innovation. Download the 2023 FuzeHub Annual Report.

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