Get Your Cybersecurity in Gear

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Get Your Cybersecurity In Gear

Cybersecurity is like a used car you’ve been thinking about buying. You can talk about it. You can ask what it’s like to drive it. Or you can get in, start it up, and put it in gear. Until you put yourself in the driver’s seat, you won’t really know how it performs. Typically, you’ll take a test drive before taking out a loan. That’s a smart move. Otherwise, you could find yourself stranded when it’s time to get to work.

Performing a cybersecurity assessment is a lot like that test drive. You need to know what you have and if there are things you need to fix. It helps if you know a good mechanic or, in this case, a cybersecurity expert. You can find out if you need to make repairs and, if so, how to make the right ones. By performing a hands-on assessment, you can avoid bigger problems down the road.

FuzeHub’s latest episode of NYS Manufacturing Now is about a free Cybersecurity Readiness Assessment Workshop on July 15th. It’s a virtual event you can’t afford to miss if you have yet to perform a cyber assessment and your company is a part of the defense supply chain. FuzeHub’s Everton Henriques and AIM’s Cory Albrecht explain why this event matters and why they hope you’ll be there.

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