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Encounter the electrifying future of public transportation as FuzeHub’s Steve Melito sits across from Nicolas Letendre, the innovative brain behind Letenda Incorporated. Our latest discussion zips through the snowy landscapes of Canadian cities and descends into the heart of zero-emission bus technology with Letenda’s revolutionary Electrip. Nicolas, with his trailblazing expertise, details the customer-centric features and rugged adaptability of these green machines, all while navigating the complex web of scaling up production and adhering to the stringent “Buy America” regulations. His candid insights into strategic partnerships and the fervor of launching in the US market, commencing with a Vermont success story, will charge your curiosity and offer a peek into the intricate dance of international business maneuvers.

Gear up for a fascinating discussion about the Quebec New York Transportation Rendezvous, an upcoming event that promises to be a hotspot for industry professionals. With Nicolas Latendre’s Letenda poised to play a significant role, we discuss the anticipation building up to this B2B conference in Plattsburgh, New York. With over 100 participants ready to connect, this event underscores the dynamism of the transportation sector. We walk you through the simplicity of joining this event, guiding you through the registration process with ease. If you’re keen on networking within the transportation industry or passionate about electrification, this conversation is an electrifying opportunity to get plugged into the latest trends and innovations.

Listen to the podcast here.


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