How STI Supports NYS Manufacturing

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Empire State Development’s (ESD) Division of Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) is driving the global competitiveness of New York State in the manufacturing and technology sectors. Through industry connections, technology development and adoption, workforce development, and growth services, STI is helping new and existing businesses to become more competitive.
With over 75 funded centers across New York State, STI connects businesses to universities, research facilities, funding sources, and industry experts through manufacturing solutions forums, competitions, B2B connections, and partnerships. The services that early-stage companies receive from ESD’s STI Division helps support growth and expansion.
STI also helps manufacturing and high-tech companies of all sizes with technology development and adoption. Through access to specialized equipment, prototype and validation assistance, and funded research, businesses can get the help they need to commercialize their products and services.
At a time when many manufacturers are concerned about the skills gap, STI is also playing an important role in workforce development. Through customized training, workshops, and funded partnerships, STI is helping to build a world-class workforce in New York State. Efforts include helping businesses with employee retention, successes include nearly 7,000 new and retained jobs.
Finally, STI is strengthening the economy of New York State by helping companies to develop strategic plans and forge long-lasting, mutually-beneficial partnerships. In addition to helping manufacturing and technology companies strengthen their supply chains, STI can assist with entrepreneurial training and the exploration of new markets.


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