How to Hire a Robot: Buffalo Manufacturing Works

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Title: How To Hire A Robot: Buffalo Manufacturing Works

When small manufacturers in Western New York want to learn about robotics and what it can mean for their businesses, they turn to Buffalo Manufacturing Works.
The non-profit organization, which opened in 2015 as part of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Buffalo Billion initiative, operates in partnership with EWI, a Columbus, Ohio-based engineering consultancy that has been helping businesses modernize for the past 30 years. Buffalo Manufacturing Works was created to revitalize the city’s manufacturing base and take it into the future.
Among its many programs is Shift, which was started in 2017 to help small and medium-sized manufacturers identify and invest in critical technology, including robotics.  By the end of 2019 it had helped more than 200 such businesses embrace innovation.
The great work that Buffalo Manufacturing Works has done has not gone unnoticed.  In November, Forbes did a three-part series highlighting the organization’s role in bringing robotics to the smaller manufacturers in its region, discussing the “why” and the “how” and sharing the story of one company’s journey into automation.  They are well worth the read:
Small Factories Embrace Automation – Because They Can’t Find Enough People
Smaller Manufacturers That Need A Helping Hand Add Robotic Arms
An Aerospace Company’s First Foray Into Robotics Takes Flight


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