HPC-NY: A Great Resource for NY Manufacturing SMEs

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Announcing the HPCNY Video!

If you’re a small to medium manufacturing (SME) company in New York State, you may want to learn more about the services offered by the High Performance Computing Consortium of New York. The consortium, or HPCNY as it is more commonly called, is a partnership between NYSERNet and world-renown supercomputing centers at academic institutions across the state. In addition to NYSERNet, the consortium members are

  • Center for Computational Innovations – Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
  • Center for Computational Research – University at Buffalo
  • Institute for Advanced Computational Science – Stony Brook University
  • Cloud Computing and Analytics Center – Marist College
  • Scientific Computing – Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

HPCNY is a state-funded initiative that offers several forms of support for manufacturing SMEs, including access to high-computing resources and top-level domain expertise. Through successful collaborations with HPCNY, organizations have been able to optimize engineering processes, accelerate new product development and use state-of-the-art computational engines to carry out advanced data analysis.
In addition to providing access to high-speed networks and high-performance platforms, HPCNY takes the best and brightest problem-solving experts out of internationally-recognized universities and brings them together to solve real-world industrial problems for New York businesses and organizations.
To learn more about the many different ways HPCNY can help your business, watch the following video.

HPCNY Success Stories

To date, HPCNY has had a number of successful collaborations with companies around the state, including Sentient Science, Innoveering and Simmetrix. Here is what some of these industrial partners have to say about their experience with HPCNY:

“We would not be able to commercialize our technology; especially at the rate and effectiveness we have, without the University of Buffalo CCR. We are now supporting over 6000 wind turbines on a 24 hour basis, simulating the remaining useful life of their gearbox drive systems using the CCR. This has been a very important and referenceable use case on how universities and private companies can work together.” -Ward Thomas, President & CEO, Sentient Science

“High performance computing and our partnership with the Institute for Advanced Computational Science at Stony Brook University is accelerating innovation and technology deployment for Innoveering. These efforts will advance the state of the art in next generation power and propulsion technology.” -Dean Modroukas, Ph.D., President, Innoveering LLC

“Working with HPCNY  member RPI, Simmetrix has been successful in obtaining SBIR/STTR support to continue the development of these technologies. We have also teamed with RPI on a recently funded NSF grant, and an IBM-supported grant. Both of these grants are focused on developing massively parallel simulation software for use by industry.” -Mark Beall, President of Simmetrix

To see more testimonials or to learn more details about specific partnerships, visit the Collaborations collection on the HPCNY website.


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