Manufacturer Metrics for FY 2020 Show MEP’s Vital Role

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Manufacturer Metrics For Fy 2020 Show Mep’s Vital Role

The Manufacturing Extension Partnership National Network (MEPNN) equips U.S. manufacturers with the tools and resources that they need to compete and win in today’s rapidly changing and highly competitive environment. New York MEP (NYMEP) belongs to this national network, which is part of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and maintains centers in all 50 states and Puerto Rico.
As newly released data shows, small-to-medium manufacturers who worked with MEP centers last year gained access to winning solutions. According to the clients surveyed in FY 2020, MEPNN helped these companies to create or retain 105,748 jobs. Other key manufacturer metrics include $2.7 billion in cost savings, $13.0 billion in new and retained sales, and $4.9 billion in new client investments.
Investing in Success
During FY 2020, the small-to-medium manufacturers who worked with MEP centers ranked their top challenges as cost reduction (65%), employee recruitment (54%), growth (51%), and product development (42%). The top reasons for engaging the MEP National Network included expertise of staff (62%), cost of service (36%), and knowledge (26%).
For every dollar of federal investment in FY 2020, the MEP National Network generated $19.60 in new sales growth and $33.70 in new client investment. During this same time, for every $1,381 of federal investment, MEPNN created or retained one manufacturing job. Manufacturing clients gave MEPNN a net promoter score of 84.3, a customer experience ranking that is well above industry benchmarks.
Contact a Manufacturing Expert
In New York State, manufacturers can find assistance at 10 regional MEP centers and through the statewide NYMEP center, FuzeHub. In addition to MEP centers, the Empire State Development’s Division of Science, Technology and Innovation (NYSTAR) funds many other key assets. For guided access to these and other NYS assets that can help you to grow your business, ask to speak to a manufacturing expert.


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