Manufacturing Round Up for the Week of 02/06/17

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Chip production will expand at Global Foundries

“GlobalFoundries, which makes chips to order for smartphones, laptops and other computer devices, said it needs to expand to meet customer demand.”
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Garment manufacturers find new spaces in New York City

“Like generations of garment workers before him, Max Hernandez came to New York City to get his start behind a sewing machine.”
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Mosto Technologies drives new efficient heating systems in NYC

“The niche of Mosto’s firm, based in the Garment district, offers a “holistic understanding of the steam system in large commercial buildings aimed to lower costs and increase efficiency,” explained Mosto, a 55-year-old Ringwood, N.J. native who was trained as a chemical engineer at Rutgers University.”
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Onondaga IDA attracts Morse Manufacturing with tax breaks

“A manufacturer of industrial drum-handling equipment will receive $618,351 in tax breaks for its move from East Syracuse to Salina, a move the company said would help solidify its future but not necessarily create jobs.”
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NYC firm acquires Western NY chemical manufacturer

“Niagara Falls specialty chemical manufacturer Niacet Corp. has been acquired by a New York City investment firm, SK Capital Partners, in a deal that will shift ownership away from the Brannen family for the first time in 38 years.”
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Plastics manufacturer in Tonawanda expands operations

“Confer Plastics, a molded plastics product company, plans a more than $3 million expansion of its manufacturing plant in North Tonawanda, Niagara County, New York.”
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Niskayuna company secures major manufacturing and supply partnership

“Eos Energy Storage (“Eos”) – pioneer of the safe, ultra- low cost Znyth® battery – has announced a manufacturing and assembly partnership with Environment One Corporation (“E/One”), a diversified high-technology company focused on producing protection and performance optimization systems for electric utilities. ”
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Restructuring of western NY Coca-Cola plant on the horizon

“The Coca-Cola plant in Tonawanda, and its territory here in Western New York, is now set to become part of Coca-Cola of Northern New England.”
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Orchard in Chazy, NY will add a new packing facility

“The 67,000-square-foot structure is now enclosed, and Chazy Orchards General Manager Jay Toohill said interior work is underway.”
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High Tech Rochester promotes Photonics Venture Challenge

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