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Take a look at some funding opportunities, events and free courses supported by the Manufacturing USA network:
REMADE Project Call 2.0
All the information necessary to understand the proposal process and prepare a proposal can be accessed by clicking the links below. This RFP represents a subset of the priorities identified in the REMADE Institute Technology Roadmap. Links below are also available on the REMADE Website.  The REMADE Institute anticipates awarding up to $5.0 million under this RFP.
Of this amount, $1.0 million has been designated for Exploratory Proposals, and $4.0 million has been designated for Full Proposals. The total amount awarded and the division of funding between Exploratory and Full Proposals will be commensurate with the quality of proposals received, the anticipated results, and impacts to REMADE and the U.S. manufacturing ecosystem.  Project participants must be members of REMADE and provide a minimum of 1:1 cost share matching of funds.  Letters of Intent are due by December 6th.

ARM Members Meeting Recap
Last week ARM welcomed more than 200 representatives into Pittsburgh for their annual Member Meeting for the singular purpose of driving innovation in robotics and education/workforce development to assert US leadership in manufacturing. Collaboration and innovation were top of mind as they featured project presentations, technology and education workforce working break-out sessions, distinguished speakers, ample networking time, and more.  For a recap of the members meeting, visit ARM Institute Member Meeting Recap
Northwestern University Posts FREE Modern Robotics Curriculum
“Kevin Lynch, professor at Northwestern University, and his co-author Frank Park have published the textbook “Modern Robotics: Mechanics, Planning, and Control” (Cambridge University Press, 2017), focusing on kinematics, dynamics, motion planning, and control of mobile robots and robot arms from a modern, screw-theoretic perspective. A preprint of the book, video lectures, and cross-platform software and simulation environment, all free, are available here.  There is also a six-course Coursera MOOC specialization covering the material. Learn more
BioFabUSA Events
“On December 6th, 2018 in New York City, ASME will be hosting a “Tissue Engineering Lexicon Work Session,” which will work to level set the TERM terminology and lexicon to build a common language that members of the tissue engineering community will use. The session will bring together the TERM industry and academic experts to determine fundamental definitions in order to overcome potential areas of miscommunication within multidisciplinary teams. Register for the Tissue Engineering Lexicon and Work Session now!”
Other events include;



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