Manufacturing Grants: New Online Application System will Launch May 1st

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Manufacturing Grants, May 2019: New Grant Updates, image over a wheel

After a combination of internal review and collecting feedback from applicants over the past two years,
the May round of the Manufacturing Grants will launch with an improved online application process.
This new system allows for a streamlined process for submission. Updates to the system include:

  • Applicants will need to create a log-in and password.
  • Organizational data obtained upon initial registration will be retained for future applications.
  • Applicants will have the ability to “save” the application in draft format until the application
  • Applicants will receive email notifications about application status, including award or decline
  • Applications can be edited until the program deadline.
  • Certain data fields obtained upon initial registration will automatically transfer throughout the
    application minimizing duplicate data entry.
  • Application fees will be serviced through PayPal.

Applicants will still be able to work directly with FuzeHub staff to resolve any application process
questions, including technical issues. Applicants are advised to review the FAQ’s to learn more about
questions related to the new online system.
For eligibility information, please contact Julianne Clouthier, Industry Engagement Manager at 518-768-
7030 ext 504 or [email protected].


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