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Meeting of National & State Manufacturing Extension Partnership Reps


Last Wednesday, New York’s Manufacturing Extension Partnership centers met in Albany, NY. Representatives from each of the 11 centers gave updates on their work with manufacturers around the state to help drive innovation and leverage state and local expertise to help the businesses retain jobs, increase profits and save time and money. The national entity, National Institute of Standards and Technology’s Hollings Manufacturing Extension Partnership, which helps to fund the New York State program, was also in attendance.
Each of the MEPs provided an overview of key programs in their service areas, successes they have achieved in the past year, and what steps lie ahead in their service offerings.
Get to know more about all of New York State’s Manufacturing Extension Partnerships:
North Country: CITEC
Mohawk Valley: The Advanced Institute for Manufacturing (AIM)
Central New York: TDO
Capital Region: The Center for Economic Growth
The Finger Lakes: High Tech Rochester
Western New York: Insyte Consulting
Southern Tier: Alliance for Manufacturing and Technology
Hudson Valley: The Manufacturing and Technology Enterprise Center (MTEC)
New York City: ITAC
Long Island: Manufacturing and Technology Resource Center
Statewide: FuzeHub
The New York Manufacturing Extension Partnership program is funded by Empire State Development’s Division of Science Technology and Innovation.
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