New York State Manufacturing Extension Partnership (NY MEP)

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The New York Manufacturing Extension Partnership (NY MEP) is a network of organizations that provide growth and innovation services to small and mid-sized manufacturers in every corner of the state to help them create and retain jobs, increase profits, and save time and money.
In 2017, manufacturers receiving New York MEP expertise were able to create or retain about 3,700 jobs, boost or retain nearly $400 million in sales, save $49.2 million in their operations, and make $129 million in new capital investments as a result of such projects.
NY MEP’s 10 regional centers and 1 statewide center offer a wide variety of services: innovation, process and quality improvement, product development, scale-up, tech acceleration, sustainable manufacturing and more. The New York MEP program is administered by Empire State Development’s Division of Science, Technology and Innovation. NY MEP is part of the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s Hollings Manufacturing Extension Partnership and is supported through a combination of federal and state funding.
Explore below to learn about each of the NY MEP centers.

FuzeHub – New York State

FuzeHub is New York’s Statewide MEP Center FuzeHub fields requests from manufacturers across the entire state, and its Solutions Team identifies the best-fit expertise and capabilities to meet the needs or opportunities a company is facing. FuzeHub leverages the entire network of New York MEP centers, as well as the world-class university R&D assets across the state, to help manufacturers pursue growth opportunities and address manufacturing issues.
Each region in New York has its own dedicated MEP Center designed to specifically suit the needs of these unique regions. Here you will find focused information on all of the New York State MEPs and where they operate in the state.

AIM – Advanced Institute for Manufacturing – Mohawk Valley
Based at Mohawk Valley Community College, AIM’s mission is to provide small and medium sized manufacturers in the Mohawk Valley with training, consulting, and technology services that will lead to new product development, cost reductions, increased efficiency and profits.
Click the following link to learn more about AIM.

AM&T – Alliance for Manufacturing & Technology – Southern Tier

AM&T’s team of experts have many years of collective experience in consulting, training, and coaching. They are a resource for manufacturers in the Southern Tier who want to increase sales, streamline their operations, reduce costs and create more jobs.
Click the following link to learn more about AM&T.

CEG – Center for Economic Growth – Capital Region

CEG programs and services help small manufacturers in the Capital Region improve performance, accelerate innovation and identify market opportunities. CEG also provides local employers with skilled worker attraction, retention and development services.
Click the link to learn more about CEG.

CITEC – Business Solutions – North Country

CITEC serves the North Country in New York and collaborates with North Country organizations to increase profits through effective strategic planning, marketing, manufacturing process improvements, lean enterprise, competitive assessments, energy and utility efficiencies, human resources training, funding access, and more.
Click the following link to learn more about CITEC.

NextCorps – Finger Lakes

NextCorps serves the Finger Lakes Region of New York providing a suite of services, including technology commercialization for very-early-stage opportunities, business incubation for high-growth-potential startups, and growth services for existing manufacturing companies seeking to improve their top- and bottom-line performance.
Click the following link to learn more about NextCorps.

Insyte Consulting – Western New York

Insyte Consulting focuses on helping Western New York manufacturing and technology companies succeed to grow the region’s economic output, create jobs, and develop and adopt new technologies. Insyte provides customized solutions for a firm’s unique needs.
Click the following link to learn more about Insyte Consulting.

ITAC – New York City

ITAC works with small to mid-size manufacturers in the New York City-metro area to help them create innovative products, expand to new markets develop their customer base, find new partners, improve their processes and develop sustainable practices.
Click the following link to learn more about ITAC.

MTRC – Manufacturing and Technology Resource Consortium – Long Island

MTRC, based at Stony Brook University matches manufacturing organizations on Long Island with services ranging from technology assistance, to the evaluation and adoption of new manufacturing equipment and much more.
Click the following link to learn more about MTRC.

MTEC – Manufacturing & Technology Enterprise Center – Mid-Hudson Valley

MTEC’s focus is on helping manufacturers in the Hudson Valley develop their product or application strategy and concepts, design product prototypes, and optimize the manufacturing value chain.
Click the following link to learn more about MTEC.

TDO – Train Develop Optimize – Central New York

TDO focuses on helping manufacturing organizations in Central New York grow through strategies such as lean six sigma, workforce and leadership development, strategic planning, quality systems, marketing and sales strategies, the implementation of leading edge technologies and more.

Click the following link to learn more about TDO.

FuzeHub is here to help connect you to the right MEP center for your needs using our extensive knowledge of the capabilities and services each center provides. To speak to one of our solutions specialists, click here and we’ll be in touch soon!


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