News from the Innovation Fund

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News From The Innovation Fund

Manufacturing Grants
The first six months of 2020 have certainly led to some unpredictable circumstances for many of the entities in our ecosystem. The Jeff Lawrence Innovation Fund is pleased to report that five of the six awardees funded during the February 2020 Manufacturing Grants have been able to execute their grant agreements and begin work on their projects; with one grant agreement in the final processing stages.
While the commencement of individual projects may look different depending on the applicant and the scope of work, what remains consistent across these projects is the continuity of distributing funds to support activities designed to spur technology development and commercialization. These funds are critical in sustaining the economy.
As with previous manufacturing grants, these 2020 projects continue to showcase the innovation and technical advancements of talented entrepreneurs, industry partners and educational institutions throughout New York State. Stay tuned for highlights on the recent awardees.


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