NY MEP Success Story: ​​Innovative EDM Machine Made In The USA

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With the help of New York Manufacturing Extension Partnership (NY MEP)


Titan International Sales, Inc. delivers high-quality domestic and imported electrical discharge machining (EDM) machines. They are fitted with cutting-edge technologies and supported on-site by qualified technicians, original equipment manufacturer (OEM) fabrication, and turnkey applications, including training and support. EDM is similar to laser cutting, using high-frequency electrical spark discharge to remove material, leaving high-precision results. Titan is committed to supporting manufacturing in the United States and directly contributes by selling “Made in the USA” machines like the Titan Force series.

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The Challenge

EDM machining surpasses the limits of traditional machining with the ability to drill, etch, and cut more complex jobs with precision accuracy using any conductive material. New and existing customers – especially from traditional machine shops – need support choosing, installing, configuring, and deploying advanced machines. Titan recognized that improved product commissioning and customization efficiencies were needed. For help, Titan called NextCorps Growth Services, part of the New York MEP and the MEP National Network.

NextCorps’ first meeting with Titan began with a simple question: ‘Where is Titan now and what is the vision for the future?’ From there, we discussed the successes, looked at roadblocks, and considered a path forward. Production of our Made in the USA Titan Force EDM was overwhelming our suppliers. As the CEO, I felt it was my responsibility to go into the field to discover the causes of the bottleneck. At Titan, we are all about solutions, and NextCorps was there to support us with a plan of action. Digitronik Labs worked closely with us to develop an optimization process to meet our needs, while NextCorps fully managed and directed the grant process which enabled us to fund 60 percent of the project cost. In the process, we achieved success and expanded our network. We look forward to future success as we continue our relationship with NextCorps.

— Paul Sciarratta, CEO

MEP’s Role

NextCorps Growth Services, which implements MEP for the Finger Lakes region in upstate New York, supported Titan International Sales on projects for customized product deployment and commissioning process optimization. NextCorps partnered with Digitronik Labs, a 2017 graduate of NextCorps’ startup incubator, which specializes in automation controls and design, for engineering design services. The full deployment package and configurations included installed applications, database scripts, motion programs, and drivers. Configurations and options consist of four main motion axes, electrode charger motion axes, and pneumatic inputs and outputs for electrode and guide changers. Further product development incorporated rotary tables, tilting heads for full six-axis machining, and a robot material handling integrated system. Machines could now be efficiently upgraded in the field and a new Titan Force EDM drill machine was installed at the Fleet Readiness Center East, at the US Navy aviation repair and maintenance facility located at Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point in Havelock, North Carolina.


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