NYS Manuacturing and Tech News 10.29.18

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RIT brings out the ‘MAGIC’ with new production studios
“Munson said the hope is to draw more talent to RIT and boost the regional economy by competing with major production studios in New York City and Hollywood.”
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New York Photonics presents its 2018 awards for leaders in optics education and business
“The Rochester Regional Photonics Cluster (RRPC) / New York Photonics honored three leaders in optics education and business for their contributions to New York State’s optics and photonics industry.”
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We Need a Local Manufacturing Revolution
“For every dollar that a manufacturing company invests in an economy, it generates another $1.81 in impact, according to National Association of Manufacturers.”
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Dutchland Plastics Begins work in Renovated Canastota Plant
“Dutchland Plastics has moved its upstate New York plant from Sherrill to a 50,000-square-foot refurbished building in Canastota, and the village’s mayor is applauding the move.”
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