NYS Manufacturing and Tech News 10.23.23

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America’s Largest-Ever Investment in Renewable Energy is Moving Forward in New York

“Governor Kathy Hochul today announced the largest state investment in renewable energy in United States history, demonstrating New York’s leadership in advancing the clean energy transition.”

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New York representatives announce approval of regional tech hub designation

“Creates ‘new economic engine for the Buffalo-Rochester-Syracuse corridor, and positions our region to be a global leader in semiconductor innovation’.”

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N.Y. schools embracing STEM amid Micron build, manufacturing surge

“In Central New York, a shift is taking place in response to Micron’s announcement they’ll be kicking off construction on a planned manufacturing plant in the town of Clay next year.”

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Video: See how this NYC factory traps CO2 in concrete blocks

“Canary Media visits a Brooklyn warehouse and the basement of a Manhattan high-rise to learn how CO2 can be captured and turned into construction material.”

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