NYS Manufacturing and Tech News 6.7.21

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Getting to the Meat of the Cybersecurity Problem

“Not only are the attacks becoming commonplace, the intensity and ultimate impact (to consumers and the bottom line) continues to escalate as well. The recent ransomware attacks on Colonial Pipeline ($4.4 million ransom) and JBS Foods ($11 million ransom) are prime examples of the associated costs and the ripple effect of the current generation of cyberattacks.”

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‘Roc the Block’ offers hundreds of jobs to Rochester residents through direct outreach

“A block-party-themed event on Thursday called ‘Roc the Block’ had a couple of dozen employers, and hundreds of jobs available from companies like Bausch and Lomb, Genesee Brewery, and Thermo-Fisher Scientific. Employers looking for people right now, with little or no experience required.”

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As MemoryFox pivots business, UB and others invest

“With COVID-19 came a new norm: lockdowns, social distancing and virtual life. People and organizations of all types unleashed their creativity to rethink the way they operate. Growing tech startup MemoryFox is no exception.”

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Pandemic-Era Small Business Innovations That Will Stick

“Here are four ways small businesses adapted in response to the pandemic that may have long-lasting effects on future operations, according to industry experts and business owners themselves.”

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A Recovery for All of Us: New York City Invests $1 Billion in Life Sciences

“Mayor de Blasio kicked off this next chapter of the city’s support for this industry by announcing a Request for Proposals (RFP) to help advance the commercial research and development of new medicines, medical devices, diagnostics, materials, and research tools. The City will provide up to $112 million in City capital to award $20 million to support one or more innovation projects. Multiple awardees can access up to $20 million each.”

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